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Phil 3:14 "With my eyes fixed on the goal I will PUSH on to secure the prize of God's heavenward call in Christ Jesus -"

Nov 25, 2009

THE Call! The WHY? The THANKS!

As the saying goes, when it rains, it pours and it did and it does and that's the truth!

My aunt passed away suddenly! No warning! No notice! She simply sat down and took her last breath!

The Call!

No one wants to get the call! The call that a loved one is gone. It's as if your world stops while everything else is moving around you. You take a deep breath! There is always that delay between hearing the news and your brain actually processing it into understanding, then you exhale. Everyone handles it differently. Some weep, some get angry, some shut down. BUT, it is something that we all will eventually have to deal with if we keep on living. It is nothing that we can really prepare for. Even if we have been told it is coming, we aren't ready. No one wants to say GOODBYE! My daughter has started telling me not to say goodbye to her this week. She told me to say, see you later instead. I have begun to honor her wishes.

The Why's and BUT's!

Then we begin to search for understanding. We want to know the details. Why? When? What happened? How did it happen? The details force us to think. They bring some relief in knowing. The details make it real. Maybe something could have been done differently? If I know the details, next time, maybe I will notice the signs! We want to know! We need to know.We begin to question ourselves. Did I miss something? Then there are the things we meant to say! " BUT.. I meant to tell her....! I meant to say....! " All and all, the answer is still the same. She is gone!

The Answer!

Yes, she is gone! My aunt is gone! She has gone HOME!

I am reminded that we are only here temporarily! Those of us that are left are the ones that have to continue to deal with the rain and the storms. My aunt told my mother the day before she passed that she was tired. She didn't say tired of living but tired of other things. God hears our prayers. He is the one in control and decides when we have had enough. He decides when it's our time to stop running and cross that finish line in victory! So the answer is YES she is gone but she is free!! As my daughter says, she gets to have Thanksgiving with Jesus.


As we approach Thanksgiving, I dare you to try and name ALL of the things that you are thankful for? 1. We woke up! 2. We opened our eyes 3. etc etc! It's not possible is it? Even if we had 10,000 tongues right!! The holidays are hard for many! So many are joyous while so many are sad. BUT I truly believe that if we start writing down what we are thankful for and our blessings, they will out weigh the bad. EVEN in the midst of mourning and hearing of the sickness and sadness that others are facing, I know that OUR GOD's blessing will prevail! We are all winners!

SO, I pause to say Thank you GOD! Thank youl for the time that I had with my aunt Betty! Thank you for the time that I have with my mother! Thank you for the time that I have with my Family and friends. Thank you for my life and my purpose! AND thank you God for my relationship with YOU! YOU are so incredibly awesome & I'm forever thankful!

Revelation 19:9 ...... 'Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!' "

Nov 18, 2009

Driven Expectations! Write the Vision!


I used to get perturbed when others didn’t have the same drive that I had about a particular goal. I wanted them to have the same passion as I had and just couldn’t wrap my brain around it if they didn’t. After all it was a great idea, so why shouldn’t they be excited, right? Wrong! We are individuals, uniquely created by God for a purpose! Due to life and its circumstances, we may view the importance or value of a goal differently. Does this make it wrong or does it make us different.

There is an order. A shepherd/pastor is given a vision by God and he shares it with the people. We the congregants are the vision carriers. All of the flock may not agree. Some will catch on immediately, some eventually and some never will. It is the same as individuals. We may be the leaders of a team and have an idea. We may expect the members to have the same drive and enthusiasm about a goal as we do but it may not always be so. Just as when David came to the brook at Besor (read --1 Samuel 30:10), we have to take with us, those that are willing to go and leave the others behind. If God said it, then it is so. Don’t allow naysayers to block the vision.


I come from a family of strong driven women with high expectations. My father’s mother graduated from college in 1928 and taught school for 38 years. She was strong and determined to make a difference in the lives of others. She would often refer to God as her father and spoke of Him as if she had a personal relationship with him. As a child I could not understand why she felt that she could speak to Him directly and He would hear and answer her. She and my grandfather were a formidable force. Together they could do anything and they were a shining example of what can be accomplished when you put God first and strive toward the mark.

My mother’s mother was a midwife at Womack army hospital. She was very compassionate. Her priority was family. She would prepare dinner every weekend and expect her entire family to come by to sit and eat. She taught me many lessons on how to be a successful, classy woman and to strive toward myr goals no matter the circumstances. She was a staunch catholic and prayed every night on her knees until the day she died at age 84.

My mother was and is driven. She married my father as soon as they graduated from high school and had my sister her sophomore year. She still pledged Delta Sigma Theta, graduated on time and was the valedictorian of her class at Fayetteville State University. I watched her prepare the meals, pay the bills, clean the house and still drive to Greensboro weekly while working full time to complete her doctorate in Education. She always took us to church and spoke of putting God first in your life. I didn’t understand it when I was young, but the importance of GOD in my life was instilled in me by each of these women in a different way.

My sister was chosen to receive a full scholarship to a prep school called Chatham Hall when she was in high school. She went on to UNC-Chapel Hill where she received her PhD in Psychology. Being ten years her junior, my teachers would always say, you are Sabrina’s sister. I know you are smart like her. I in turn had to prove myself because of the legacy that I was following.

Driven Expectations: Write the Vision

I placed high expectations on myself for that was what was always expected. There was no excuse. I was expected to be driven to accomplish whatever the goal was. I had no choice. I was blessed to be friends with other girls that had high expectations as well. Donna, Vanessa and I were in the same classes. We competed among ourselves, striving to be the best. We were driven because our parents expected it of us and thus we expected it ourselves.

I have tried to implant these same values in my girls. I want them to want it themselves. To strive for excellence on their own. To want to be the best because they can. I firmly believe that we become what we speak. We have to speak positively over ourselves and our children. Last night my 12 year old said that she had decided what she wanted to be when she grew up. I told her to research it and write the vision. Write the goal and plan for what she wants to be. She took the time and wrote it all down and put it in her binder so she can look at it and see it.

That’s something that we all can do. If you haven’t reached the goal that you set for yourselves, it’s not too late. It’s not about your past. It’s not about what you USED to be, but about what you are SUPPOSED to be. NEVER EVER give up on your vision. Habakkuk 2:2 says “Write the vision, make it plain! “ I dare you today to write your vision down. It may seem odd but it really isn’t’ too late. What has been nagging at you? Has it been to open that book store? Finish that degree? Write that book? Whatever it is, start! Start by writing it down. If you need a push, give me a call. We can push forward together.

**Picture - David’s Victory over the Amalekites! He was driven! He took back all that was stolen from him.

Nov 9, 2009

BLOCCKed BLESSINGS! Blind Logic Operating under Clueless Circumstances Kills!

Blessing is defined as God’s Help! What happens when God’s help is BlOCCKed?

Blind not only means unable to see. It also means unable to recognize. It also means unquestioning, unaware and uncontrollable.
The person is unable to see and even worse, unaware!


Logic means reasoning!
They are unable to see or even worse, unaware that they are not using reason and it’s uncontrollable.


Operating means to function, or exert effect.
They are unable to see or even worse, unaware that they are not using reason, it’s uncontrollable and as they are functioning in the midst of it is causing an effect.

Clueless mean dense, oblivious, naïve and incompetent!
They are unable to see or even worse, unaware that they are not using reason, it’s uncontrollable, and they are functioning in the midst of it is causing an effect that they are oblivious to. They don’t even know that it is happening.

A Circumstance is a condition affecting a situation. An uncontrollable condition affects somebody’s life beyond his or her control.
They are unable to see or even worse, unaware that they are not using reason, it’s uncontrollable, and they are functioning in the midst of it, causing an effect that they are oblivious to. They don’t even know that it is happening and it is affecting their life beyond control!


Kill means to cause something living to die.
They are unable to see or even worse, unaware that they are not using reason, it’s uncontrollable, and they are functioning in the midst of it, causing an effect that they are oblivious to. They don’t even know that it is happening and it is affecting their life beyond control and it is slowly killing them. Killing their relationship with God!

OH MY GOD! YES! It is time to call on HIM!! NOW, not later! NOW! You see when a person is BLOCCKed! - The enemy has done his job! They are mixed up, messed up and don’t even know it. They can’t receive their blessings because they don’t realize that they are missing them. They are outside of God’s will and are not receiving HIS help! BLOCCKed!
Sometimes people flippantly say don’t Block my blessing. Being BLOCCKed is serious!

It is my prayer that you never find yourself in BLOCCKed position. That you will stand still and listen for God’s voice. God’s direction! God’s help and God’s guidance. Keep your mind stayed on HIM.

It is my prayer that you recognize the signs before you are BLOCCKed! If you ever sense that you are operating outside of the will of the FATHER, listen to that voice inside of you that says, “No my child, you are going the wrong way. Come back this way. Don’t look left. Keep your eyes on me.”

If you know of someone who has been BLOCCKed, please pray for them. Pray fervently! Ask that their eyes be opened that they might see. That they not be consumed with a reprobate mind. It’s never too late! God is a God of love and HE loves all of HIS children. He doesn’t want even one to be led astray and left behind.

Pushing Forward … AMEN!

Matthew 18: 12-14
What do you think? If a man has a hundred sheep, and one of them has gone astray, does he not leave the ninety-nine on the hills and go in search of the one that went astray? And if he finds it, truly, I say to you, he rejoices over it more than over the ninety-nine that never went astray. So it is not the will of my Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.

Nov 6, 2009

What do you have time for?

The Season is changing. Can you feel it? We are having cooler days than warm ones in the great state of NC. There is crispness in the air. When I was little, my grandmother would tell me that it is now time to put on a t-shirt and that I was to wear it every day until May! (Ecclesiastes 3:1 For everything there is a season, and a time for very purpose under heaven.)

TIME! What is it? It is defined as “nonspatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.” That’s a mouth full. Whatever it is, there just doesn’t seem to be enough of it. I read somewhere that only man could think that if we cut the top of the blanket off and sewed it to the bottom, that the blanket would now be longer. So as it goes with time. Day light savings time. Let’ just change the hours and now we have more time. Time for whom? Time for what! Why do we need more time?

A friend of mine prides himself in announcing exactly how many minutes it takes to get places. When riding he will say, we can get there in 8.5 minutes. That was before the GPS system tracked it for you. Telling you that you will get there at an exact time and exactly how many miles it will take.

We are forgetting who is in control. What about the car accident ahead
of you that delayed you. Now you are late but are you? Did the delay save you from another accident? The stories of people who were late to work on 9/11 astounded me. So many people spoke of how they were delayed and were upset because they didn’t get to work on time so they were not in the towers. Were they late? I think not. They were on time for it was not their time to die. As a result of that, I have been trying to take a new approach to time. I am learning not to get upset if I am delayed in traffic or if I don’t leave the house at the time that I wanted to. Some people say if you are supposed to be in a meeting at 3 pm, then you are late if you arrive at 3pm. In order to be on time, you have to be there before 3. Based on whose idea of time?

God is the only one in control of time. He knows how much time we have left here on earth. Isn’t that what we are really measuring? How much time we have here? Once we get to Heaven, time won’t matter. It will be an eternity. We won’t be rushing to get somewhere or speeding to save time.

Since our time is spent or exhausted here on earth, let’s use it for the good while we are here. Don’t use it for backbiting and tearing each other down. Let’s LOVE! Spend time loving one another, encouraging, motivating, mentoring, caring and serving. Let’s worship, praise and adore our God! I’m counting on you! Let’s push forward in LOVE!

John 13:34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”